Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Many years ago I knew a man who lived about five miles south east of Weiser, Idaho. Down on Buttermilk Slough, to be exact.
This man and his wife had knelt in their living room, along with his brother and his wife, and given their hearts to the Lord when both couples lived in Midvale, about 25 miles to the north of Weiser. Dr. Charles E. Fuller was giving his altar call over the radio, and both couples responded.
Both couples were grieving over baby boys they had each lost to infant disease.
The men had been noted for their "wild west" demeanor in the past, and a very real change had taken place in their lives.
They had joined a church in their little hamlet, but they were not taught water baptism.
As Floyd was studying his Bible, he became convicted that he should be baptized. But not just any baptism would do. He felt that he should be baptized in the same manner that all of the people of the New Testament time were recorded to have been baptized.
He could not find a man in the area of Weiser who would do the job like he thought it should be done.
So he talked to the Lord about it. Surely there was someone somewhere who would be willing to baptize him that way.
He said to the Lord, "If this is as important to You as it is to me, Send me a man."
In a few days, a man from Naches, Washington, about 350 miles away, knocked on Floyd's door.
The house sat at the end of a long driveway, off a side road from the highway. Highway 30, that is.
The man's name was Bill A. I knew him also. He related to Floyd that the Lord had told him there was a man wanting to be baptized, and had directed him to that house. Was it true that he was ready to go to the water?
It was true, and the water was close by. "So, what doth hinder-- ?"
"If ye be willing, and obedient--."

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