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Rom 8:19

This is merely an outline to help the reader in his study. It is not
complete. Be it known to all who read, that it shows only my knowledge
of the subject as of today (Nov 10, 1954--updated Jan 25, 1989) and is
subject to change without notice.---Marion Fretwell

Manifestation (Apokalupsis-Gr.) is translated APPEARING 1 time, COMING
one time, MANIFESTATION once, REVELATION 12 times, and BE REVEALED
twice. Literally, it means an UNCOVERING, an IDENTIFICATION, a GLORI
FICATION, (not a glorified body).

1-- consider the estate of Adam in the Garden. He had dominion over
animal, fish and foul. Subdue the Earth. Elements at his command. A
sin-free existance. Had eternal life, BUT NOT IMMORTALITY (there is a difference, you know. As soon as Adam sinned, God set in motion a plan
that would return man to his original state of dominion and bliss.

2--Adam's sin resulted in his soul being cut off from its supply of
God-life (Eternal Life). This is what is called Spiritual Death. Mt
8:22 Try to imagine the cataclysmic change that took place in man at
the time of his sin.

3--Not only was he changed in spirit, but his body immediately became
laden with sinful tendencies, formerly unknown to him, which in time
produced sickness of every sort. Death reigned from Adam to Moses (Rom
5:14) regardless of whether personal sins were imputed or not.

4--In Jesus, the God-Life is again available to fallen man, but not yet
in the measure that Adam had it. We can have the "earnest of our
inheritance UNTIL THE REDEMPTION of the purchased possesion". Eph 1:14

5--Thus, we see, we have only partial redemption from the fallen state.
Enoung, to be sure, that we are safe (Jude 1) from the consequences of
sin (hell), but not enough that we are able to weild authority over all
things. Sinful tendencies, though not eradicated, can be subdued by
means of the Spirit of God.

6-- You may ask why God with-holds from us the fulness of His Life
(Spirit) so that we must reamin so lacking in Power. The answer is one
word T-I-M-E. See Eph 1:10 Weymouth brings it out very clearly.

7-- God's time shall come (soon), and then certain events will take
place which will bring about a COMPLETE SALVATION (Redemption of the
Body) and a restoration to the dominion which belonged to man before he
fell. Those who can qualify will participate. See Rev. 17:14

9--I BELIEVE--that among otherlikely events, there is ONE which stands
out predominantly. Not much has been heard about it, but a careful
study will show it to be at least in the Scripture. I am referring to
can not offer much explanation about how, when, nor under what
circumstances it will happen, but here are a few scriptures to
consider. These are NOT speaking of the so-called rapture.

Mal. 3:1-3 The Lord, whom ye seek, shall suddenly come to His
Temple....Who shall stand when He apperaeth?
Compare also 1Cor 3:16 6:19 Rev 21:22

Heb 9:28..Unto them that LOOK FOR HIM shall He appear the second
time without sin (sin-offering) unto salvation. (Wey. to make their
salvation COMPLETE) Hos. 10:12

Isa. 62:11 Behold, thy salvation cometh...His reward is with Him.

Col 3:4 When Christ, who is our life shall appear, then shall ye
also appear with Him in Glory.

1 Jn 2:28...that when He shall appear, we may have confidence, and
not be ashamed.....

1 Jn 3:1-3..and it doth not appear what we shall be...when He shall
appear, we shall be like Him....

Psa 102:16 When the Lord shall build up Zion, He shall appear in
His Glory

Other scriptures include: Isa 66:5 1 Pet 5:4 1:7 1 Tim 1:10 4:1 4:8 See
how many others you can find.

9--1 Pet 1:13, presumably speaking of the same event, mentions the
REVELATION of Jesus Christ. First Peter also mentions the SALVATION
that is yet to be revealed--1:5 4:13 5:1
Jesus spoke of a time of trouble at the time the Son of Man should be
revealed. Lk 17:30-37. Paul (2 Thes 1:10) speaks of Christ being glorified in His saints.

10--In Romans 8:15-23 Paul likens our present status to a child who has
been PROMISED adoption. That which we SHALL RECEIVE is portrayed by one
who has received FULL ADOPTION. See File "ADOPTION'

11--Call it what you may--Sonship, Growing up into Him (Eph 4) or any other of the many names--it is
brought about by an ACT OF GOD for a SPECIFIC PURPOSE. Read Joel 2
Isa 13:1-5 Jer ch 51

12--God has ordained that the WHOLE WORLD shall feel the impact of His
Power as demonstrated in the Body of Christ. To intimate that anything
being done today approximates the authority of a manifested son is
preposterous and absurd. They bring judgement on ungodly persons (Is
61:2,3), they evangelize the WORLD by the power of the Spirit. (No high-
pressure campaigns needed--no big offerings either)

13--Please note--these are NOT people with glorified bodies, but with
REDEEMED BODIES. They have received the fulness of the Spirit (God-
Life) Eph 3:19 A redeemed body is one which has been restored to the
state which Adam held before he sinned and was saturated with carnality.
Jesus, before his crucifixion, was the same as Adam before he sinned.
As was Adam, as was Jesus before Calvary, so shall be the man who
attains to the HIGH CALLING of God in Christ Jesus--the redemption of
the body. It is worth striving for. Phil 3:8-16

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