Friday, September 15, 2006


Since before the time of the Reformation, God has shown His Hand in the lives of His followers.
Each time He has raised up a man or group of men, and put His Anointing upon them to enable them to accomplish what He wanted done at that particular time.
Without that special Anointing from God, nothing could have been accomplished, no matter how talented and sincere the men might have been.
Spiritual progress has never been brought about by human ingenuity and cleverness. Apart from the Anointing, nothing of any real value is brought about.
A look at Church history tells of the times God has raised up leaders to promote a Spiritual awakening among the believers.
Each of them was given the ability to lead the people a small space farther than they had been before, yet each of them died without having fully accomplished the complete task.
I do not know all of them, but a few come to mind today-- men and movements which were used of God, and then seemed to fade away and be forgotten.
But none of them were without significance in God's plan to restore the Church to its former glory and power. It is right on schedule today, though many years and many movements have come and gone.
I am not the least bit discouraged with what we are seeing take place today. In fact, I am more encouraged than ever before.
When we think of John Huss, the man who was a forerunner of Martin Luther and the others who were used of God to bring about a freedom of religion in Europe-- it would seem that some of them failed. But they did not fail. The Anointing they had from God would only take them a certain portion of the way-- then they were powerless to go further.
John, the Baptist is a very good example of what I am talking about. His Anointing lasted perhaps a year-- maybe only six months. His work was to point the way to the Lamb of God. He did it, and passed on out of the picture.
There have been several movings of the Holy Ghost through the centuries which have followed Pentecost. Each of them has been the Hand of God visiting His people. Each has been different from those which have gone before.
Next time you feel like "Ho Hum, nothin' ever happens," stop and consider for a few minutes with me.
In the mid forties God raised up a Baptist game warden in the Midwest and put a ministry of healing and miracles upon him.
God, through William Branham succeeded in getting the attention of the Pentecostal people, primarily, but almost all people to a greater or lesser degree. His Ministry became a pattern which others were able to work by, and a great deal of good was accomplished as a result of his obedience.
Oh, yes, I will agree with some of you that ALL that followed was not good. No argument there. BUT you will have to agree with me that the good far outstripped the bad. God's people were benefited by his ministry. The Lord had their attention, and many moved into a new dimension in their experience.
A few months (or years) later, the Holy Ghost moved again in a small Bible School in Saskatchewan, Canada. This was a definite outgrowth of the Ministry of William Branham. The teachers and students reasoned thus: If God can use one person, He can use another person, if they are available to be used.
They set out, by fasting and prayers, to make themselves available to the Lord. God did honor their efforts, and what happened was the beginning of what was later to be known as The Latter Rain Revival. It was what I call a Spiritual Earthquake, in that it shook the entire Christian world. Few, if any of the Christian people were left untouched. Each one had to choose whether to walk into what God was doing, or to continue in the status quo.
Spiritual destinies were determined in those few months. One time of saying, "No" to the Spirit of God will stop the process of growing in God-- until we repent, and respond to His Movings in the earth.
In the Pacific Northwest, we were greatly influenced by Wings Of Healing, with the Missionary thrust. But it was short-lived. Money and control soon became the main issue, and the flame went out.
From Vancouver, BC. came the message of Praise to God, both private and corporate. It was to influence us for a much longer period of time, and to produce the greatest effects on the individual lives. I will, ever, be grateful to Bro. Layzell for his contribution to the Work of God.
Heartfelt praise from God's people opens the door for Him to do His Will in other areas, both in our own lives, and in the world in general. I'm glad we were taught how to praise the Lord lavishly and wholeheartedly. The dividends were tremendous!
But Latter Rain was not the end result God had in mind. It was a means to an end-- not the end itself. After it had circled the globe in just a few months, and drawn the attention of the Christian people toward a non denominational approach to the Gospel, it began to branch out into a variety of movements.
It was, in about 5 or 6 years, superseded by a movement born in an Iowa corn field.
Half dozen or so Full Gospel business men were hunting pheasants, and the idea of a movement outside the confines of any denominational fences was formulated. It was called the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International, and it swept the country like a flood, bringing a new awareness of God to hundreds and thousands of Churches. God honored their efforts.
The move itself was outside of the churches-- Pastors could not join the ranks, except as an associate member. God was moving in the hearts of His people outside the confines of a structured Church.
I personally did not like the idea even a little bit. But God had not asked my advice. Neither had he informed me of what and how He was doing things. I see much more clearly now.
The Lord was going to move again outside the Church realm. This time He would completely astound the religious powers that be. He moved into the camps of the Hippies, and the resulting "Jesus" movement was to sweep thousands upon thousands of younger people into the Kingdom of God. We did not take a great deal of note of the movement-- it was not heralded from our pulpits, but it was a mighty move of God.
Indeed, many of our present day Pentecostal Ministers are folks who got their start in the "Jesus" movement. They are solid people-- attesting to the validity of what God did for them.
And then, the one we Pastors and Church leaders had all been waiting for, made its appearance on the horizon "like a man's hand" as it were. It also, was started outside the denominational system, and, like our February floods here in Yakima, is going wherever it wants to-- nothing can stop it at this time.
PROMISE KEEPERS is getting our men folks out of their chairs and into their proper places in the family, the community, and the Churches. It recognizes no boundaries known to any Church group, and is accomplishing what none other could accomplish. It is, also, one of God's ways of throttling homosexuality in the ranks of Christian men. The two elements do not mix, as we all know. The Word calls it an Abomination.
"Ho Hum, nothin' ever happens."
Wake up, and recognize the Hand of God sweeping the earth in wave after wave of Spiritual activity, right under our noses.
Your guess would be as good as mine what will happen next, but, rest assured, the end is not yet. As for me, I want to remain open and alert to what is taking place in the agenda of God. I wish I were 20 to 30 years younger than my present 77.

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