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One of the first things we learned, after embracing the LATTER RAIN revival in 1950 was the difference between the APOSTLES OF THE LAMB, and the APOSTLES OF THE FIVE-FOLD MINISTRIES-- the ASCENSION GIFT MINISTRIES.

The APOSTLES OF THE LAMB were those chosen by Jesus Himself, to be witnesses of His Life and Death. They WALKED with Him, and TALKED with Him. They were TAUGHT of Him. They were to become the PATRIARCHS of the New Covenant, as the twelve sons of Israel had been the PATRIARCHS of the Old Covenant.
Each set of PATRIARCHS would have a PERMANENT place in the CELESTIAL CITY which is being formed now by the SPIRIT OF GOD. One set of twelve were to be the FOUNDATIONS OF THE CITY, the other set of twelve were to be GATES OF THE CITY. It was strongly suggested that the FOUR AND TWENTY ELDERS around the Throne in the book of Revelation are these two sets of twelve Apostles
We went through several phases of misunderstanding and mis-use of what we were learning, and many became discouraged and returned to the safer environment of the denominations.
Personally, I have never regretted the mistakes which were made, for each mistake was mute evidence of an honest attempt to learn more of the ways of the Spirit. We knew we were in uncharted waters, and that we had to be VERY CAREFUL of every move. Those who rushed headlong into something new usually ended up as a broken hull somewhere, and contributed to the growing stigma on the movement in general.
It was a genuine move of the Spirit, however, and became the springboard for greater things by far than had initially been anticipated by any of us.

Later, we were to learn of the difference between PRAISE and WORSHIP, and the unique purpose of each of them.
We would also learn about SPIRIT CONTROL of our meetings, and how to reap the benefits from it. It was a real TEST OF OUR FAITH, and many failed the test.
We have been so very THANKFUL to God for having let us taste of what He did in the very late 40's and the early 50's. We praise Him for His Mercy to us.

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