Tuesday, September 11, 2007




Was the world ready for it when Jesus was born of Mary in the stable of Bethlehem?

How many people were aware of the impending appearing of the Saviour of the world? Very few were cognizant of His coming that night, or of His arrival at the Temple to be dedicated according to the law of the firstborn.

The shepherds at the stable were filled with wonder. The wise men from the East knew of it.

In the Temple, Simeon and Anna recognized Him and paid their respects.

Otherwise, the world went on about its business.

Herod heard of it, and proceeded to try to eliminate the child who might present a threat to him.

This all causes me to wonder what may be going on right under our noses today which will have tremendous impact on the entire world in a short while.

Many prognosticators of Bible Prophecy are grinding out volumes of information-- each trying to out-do the rest. I discount about 95% of what the world is hearing today.

The world had "learned" men in that time also, who had a real good "grip" on the sequence of events which would surround the coming of the Messiah. But they ALL missed it by a country mile. How far are we missing it today? Have you ever wondered? I have, many times.

I am convinced that God has given us a blueprint of His dealings with the Church, and the world as a whole. We find that blueprint in the seven feast of the Levitical Year, which was enacted every year for 1500 years.

Jesus, in a few days in AD 30, BECAME TO THE CHURCH the first four of those seven feasts or observances.

Jesus HAS NOT YET BECOME THE LAST THREE of those feasts to the Church.

BUT HE WILL-- before it is all finished. We can "go to the bank" with it.

We will, probably, be quite surprised by the way in which it happens.

The sheer magnitude of the process will tend to "blow our minds" unless we can manage to change our thinking somewhat before it happens.

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