Friday, May 28, 2010


Our God has chosen many ways by which to make Himself known to us, in His various attributes. He affixes different titles to denote
different characteristics of His Nature.
He was known to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as "The Breasted One".
The Hebrew word for that is EL SHADDAI, meaning "The Nourisher"
He revealed Himself to Moses as JEHOVAH, the Law Giver--the Stern One--The Inflexible One.
But the title most of us like the best is EL ELYON, which portrays His Merciful Nature. "The God of another chance", has been attributed
to this Title. It is in this Title we see the Grace of God.
Abraham paid his tithes to the Priest of THE MOST HIGH GOD. (EL ELYON). He knew about the God of Grace--another chance.
That is why Jesus was made a High Priest, forever, AFTER THE ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK. Grace and Truth came by Jesus Christ.
Almost every place in both the Old Testament and the New
Testament, where the term "Most High" or "Highest", is used itindicates that God is referring to Himself as the God of Grace.
David was aware of this side of God's Nature--Grace through Faith.
Psa 91 is unique. "He that dwelleth in the secret place of
The Most High (EL ELYON) shall abide under the shadow of The Almighty (EL SHADDAI) I will say of The Lord (JEHOVAH) He is my refuge and my fortress my God; in Him will I trust"
David knew God as The God of GRACE (for when he went astray). He knew Him as the NOURISHER (for when he was in need). He knew Him as the stern, inflexible LAWGIVER--the SHEPHERD who would guide him in the right way (paths of righteousness), defining and circumscribing, without error, the way of truth.

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