Tuesday, June 19, 2007



On April 28, 2005 an article came to me via email which caught my attention.

It stated that Christianity is now the fastest growing religion in the world. This goes in the face of the media that tells us it is perhaps another religion. The media bases its claims on people who are registered in the large denominations.

But, according to the article, there are vast numbers of people who are turning to God apart from any organized sect of Christianity.

This is happening mainly in places like China, Africa, India and Southeast Asia. The “explosion” is such that, whereas in 1960 the Western Evangelicals outnumbered the Eastern by two to one. But, by 2000 the trend was reversed, and the Eastern Evangelicals outnumbered the Western Evangelicals by four to one. That is projected to be seven to one in five more years (2010).

The present rate of increase is nearly 56 MILLION per year worldwide. (There are only 31,536,000 clock-ticks [seconds] in one year).

Tomorrow at this time, there will be 175,000 new Christians. (The clock will have ticked 83,400 times in 24 hours).

These Christians are not being counted because they are, for the most part, “underground”. They meet in homes, in caves, and in secret wherever they can.

What is driving this movement? MIRACLES

There are myriads of “undocumented” healings and other powerful answers to sincere prayers of these people, and several hundreds of dead corpses coming back to life. There are other mind-bending miracles taking place on a regular basis.

The article points out that the nature of life on earth is going through a major change that will affect the future direction of human history.

To me, it was a reinforcement of my belief that a battle is being waged in the spirit world--- Good overpowering evil. The Creator has begun to dissolve the strongholds of evil.

The ruling spirit of the “troublemaking religion of the world” is being squeezed unmercifully, and as a result, is inciting its adherents to violence that is growing more desperate by the day.

It is my firm belief that our God has now begun the process of snatching almost one complete generation from the hands of our common enemy. Maybe two generations.

Jesus said that the gates of hell would not prevail against His Church. Gates are NEVER used as OFFENSIVE weapons. They are for DEFENSE only.


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